Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...And Just For The Sake Of Pure Silliness...

Joe Miller unwittingly awakens a whole new voting bloc, now energized to come out and support Lisa Murkowski's possible switch to the Libertarian Party!  Prostitute Power!!


Anonymous said...

hey ray, i'm at work and i took a chance to see if you site would come up and it did.

guess what, you should really dump the huffington post thing

i remember when i was in london and saw the Daily mail.




i've not been able to check my email in days, and can't check it from work.

when i get time i'll run by the internet cafe on santa monica and vermont, just up the street on vermont

typically 2 bucks an hour and sits in the back a bit

i go there all the time and by the way...some times some interesting sites

(evil laugh)


Anonymous said...

oh and i heard

percy told me

Angel died

cancer he said

i didn't know

Ray Avito said...

I clicked on the link and up popped a frightening shot of bare faced Heather! Make UUUPPPP!!!