Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Janelle Monae - Esque

This video by Janelle Monae had me wanting to give her a standing ovation.  I love the James Brown flavor of the song and visually Janelle is an artist's dream.  She's got a look that is very specific to her so you can play around with interpretations and have it still be recognizable as Janelle Monae.   This drawing, however, is just a straightforward sort of portrait.  I can see myself returning to the Janelle-well in the future for something more abstract.


Jazz Stanton (The Date Experiment) said...

I love Janelle Monae. So talented and beautiful. She doesn't get enough recognition. Great drawing of her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yeah, she certainly is a bright light in the music world.

Anonymous said...

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