Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meme From Thiago

Thiago, my blog friend from España, dropped the meme thing on me!  Google Translator gave me what I think is the list of 10 questions that I should answer.

1.) What animal would you be reincarnated as?  I would much rather come back in human form again, but I would probably come back as a tick just to piss me off.
2.) I could not live without: Mashed potatoes?
3.)What do you most appreciate about a person?  A passion for fairness.
4.) Favorite color (I'm not sure this one translated right)? Black and red.
5.) Three words that define you: creative, introverted, binge-prone
6.) Where would you like to travel?  France
7.) Favorite quote: "I wasn't drunk I was just overserved" -- Glenn Campbell
8.) Something I want to do (translation iffy): learn the secret to consistent happiness
9.) I want to be: content?
10.) My greatest "monosidad":  Monosidad wouldn't translate!


Thiago said...

jajaaj very good, cari.... jajaaj and a good tranlation, not "lost in traslation" jajajaja.

Favorite color "to dress", but is OK

jaja me gusta conocerte mas,


Ray Avito said...

To dress in: negro o verde oscuro. ¡Yo no soy muy interesante! Ha Ha!

Michelle M. said...

I LOVE mashed potatoes.

Ray Avito said...

I'd like a big bowl right now, with gravy please!!