Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saint Lucy

The dear, virginal Lucy decided against marrying a pagan and used her dowry to help the poor. The spurned fiancee got revenge by dropping the C-bomb label on her: Christian. Under Diocletian's rule, that was not a good thing. I'm pretty sure he also had Sebastian knocked off. So that's two saints that Diocletian is responsible for.

Apparently there are two wildly different schools of thought on how Lucy lost her eyes. One is that she was being pursued by a suitor who loved her eyes so she cut them out and sent them to him so that he would leave her the "F" alone. !!!!!! That is rejection taken to orgasmic levels.

The other is that her eyes were gouged out before her execution, (which made my whole body cringe just thinking about it, and I'll probably get freaked taking my contacts out later) but God later granted her an even more beautiful set of eyes. Probably so when people have visions of Saint Lucy, it wouldn't be a horrific visage with bloody, empty eye sockets.

Thanks to Kurt for pointing me towards this!


Anonymous said...

Hy Ray. This virginal Lucy has a mercyfull expresion. I like where you put her eyes.

Ray Avito said...

The overall drawing is a little weird, and seems to be missing something. I do like the eyes though!

Thiago said...

jaj estaba loca esta Santa Lucía, vamos... jajaj


Ray Avito said...

Definitely crazy if she cut her own eyes out!