Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Michael Fitt - Esque

Adding to my current "I Fancy That Bloke" series, here we have the incredibly fit and bang-tastic Michael Fitt.

He has reached Marcus Patrick levels of embracing his male-sex-object-ness. I love that!

**on a side note** I almost did him as a crucifix so I think my religious kick is coming back.


CJ said...

That's damn good Ray. All those years doodling on napkins at the Spotlight have paid off. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha Haaaa!! The Spotlight as art lab, now there's a new one for them!

Thank you, CJ, you're the grooviest...

Thiago said...

Cariiiiiiii, este se parece mas a mi mismo, jajaja Yo soy mas bien como este dibujo,jajajaajaja

que bueno.


Ray Avito said...

Hmmmm, Thiago's secret identity could be Michael Fitt!