Friday, December 12, 2008

Bettie Page - Esque

Bettie Page unfortunately passed away yesterday. Thanks to her for being an inspiration for so many people all these years, and kudos on creating a timeless, much loved iconic figure.

Here we have my drawing of Bettie Page, or from the looks of it, somebody dressed up as Bettie Page.

***Just to clarify, it's the left leg that's bent. It's kind of hard to tell.***


Sandra T said...

I really like your drawings...and I think that's quite nice that slight confusion over the could be seen as a comment on perfection. Or maybe no! Anyway, this is the second time I've had a look at your blog and I'm enjoying it.

Ray Avito said...

Thanks! I spent a lot of time on your blog and am just in awe of your talent.